Attention Followers of The ROMPS Big Band

Our "admirers" have asked us to post Future Calendar Public Play Dates.
ROMPS generally play out a couple times a month but these Gigs may be Private Nursing Homes.
Public GIGS will be noted on the ROMPS Schedule Page;
Press "ROMPS Schedule" Button in the lower left corner.

If you like to dance, you will be happy to know that our "Home Rehearsal Hall" at The South Kingstown
Senior Center, Dominic Savio Rd. (off Broadrock Rd., Wakefield RI) schedules  frequent afternoon &
Evening Dances.

All Seniors are welcome.
Telephone (401)-789-0268 for Directions to South County Senior Center, Wakefield, RI

ROMPS Rehearsal Hall is located at the South Kingstown Senior Center. Rehearsals are open to  the
public and are on Tuesdays 11 AM to 1230 PM. Come on down, have some coffee, cakes, laughs and you
get to practice your dance steps too. Listen-in and hear what our plans are and what new Tunes we are
trying out (sometimes we don't sound too good).   

Send us an Email if you wish. Press the "Contact Us" button to the left.
Request music you have heard us play or suggest new songs.  
ROMPS VIDEO:    Click Video Controls at bottom of frame below.      (Requires Windows Media Player)